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Accessories Database

Ericsson Original Accessories are designed to meet the needs of mobile phone users by bringing them convenience and freedom. Distinctive in form and matchless in function, they are the only accessories guaranteed for quality performance with Ericsson mobile phones.
The range is divided into four segments: Basic Line, Handsfree, Imageware and Data.

The expanded basic equipment that enhances the capabilities of the mobile phone. The Basic Line includes the range of batteries, chargers, desktop chargers, and belt clips.centercentercentercentercentercenter

The handsfree solutions for more active contribution of safety in the streets and traffic, also increases the functionality and operating convenience of the mobile phone in the car.centercentercentercentercentercenter

Extravagant accessories that underline the individual style of the mobile phone, with sophisticated details, enhance phone’s performance and fashion products that add a touch of style.centercentercentercentercentercentercenter

Through the data items and the most modern communication lines such as Internet and e-mail for the mobile phone.centercentercentercentercentercentercenter