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Ericsson announces the R380 World

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

The R380 is the first fully integrated device that offers the convenience of all the best features of a mobile phone and personal digital assistant (PDA), as well as Mobile Internet Services. The R380 virtually eliminates the need to carry a number of mobile devices because they are all packaged in the size of a standard mobile phone. Combining international roaming in over 120 countries on five continents with WAP services that provide Internet information, the R380 WORLD is an incredibly innovative mobile phone and Internet tool. On-the-go consumers can easily stay organized and connected anywhere, anytime.

At first glance the R380 looks likes a mobile phone, but open the flip and the large, graphics-rich, touch-sensitive screen reveals a wide range of communications and personal organizational tools. With a touch of the stylus, you have access to email, the mobile Internet, and an electronic organizer.

The WAP services on the R380 provide access to Internet information in a format specifically designed for mobile devices. Consumers can securely dial in to their corporate network to access and send emails. It is also easy to visit favorite websites for useful travel information including maps, weather forecasts and flight information or program the R380 to automatically receive updates on the information that fits their lifestyle such as traffic reports, news or sports scores.

The R380 also provides extremely secure access to the world of m-commerce and on-line banking with its built-in WAP security and soft token authentication. The R380 is based on Symbian’s operating system, which is specifically designed for wireless information devices. The advantages of this system are ease of operation, lower power consumption and increased versatility.

The R380 World’s integrated PDA tools include calendar, contacts, notepad, and a voice memo. Using the contacts, one can initiate phone calls and send text messages directly though the names, numbers and addresses stored in the smartphone. The active calendar has audible and visual reminders and will send a notification when it is time to renew a contract or send an important birthday card, even when the phone is turned off.

Editing “to do” lists and contacts or replying to messages is simple. The R380 offers the option to use the stylus on the touchscreen and virtual keyboard or simply write on the screen since it supports JOTŽ by CIC for easy and natural handwriting recognition. With compatibility to applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus, the R380 World gives the option for data (calendar, email, contacts, to-do, and notes) to be synchronized with a PC and can automatically update new entries from one device to another. Most importantly, data is always protected. The R380 World keeps all stored data, even if power is lost, unlike other PDA devices.

The R380 World also offers the finest features of a mobile phone. The Voice Control feature allows calls to be placed or answered using a voice command. With the speakerphone option, one can speak on the R380 at the same time as checking their schedule or while taking notes using the notepad application. The SilentVibe@ is a vibrate alert instead of a ring, perfect for do not disturb situations like sitting in a meeting or while watching a movie.

Ericsson has developed a range of exciting accessories to enhance the R380 World including a chargers with a “smart-charge” sensor so there is never a chance of overcharging, mobile data products for in-car data functionality, and handsfree solutions like the portable hands-free device with an answering button on the back of the microphone.

The Ericsson R380 World will be available in the United States before the end of this year. For a virtual experience of the R380 World’s innovative features and accessories, please visit Additional information sources: and