Hedvig, a prototype that never made to the market because the project was cancelled due to increasing costs. The design brief was “Produce a ‘wow’ phone”.

The estimated number of existing units is between 80 and 100 whereof the majority of them is probably defective. Damaged paintwork is common, since the front housing is first of all fully chromed and therefore painted, the paintwork is quite fragile.

The developers chose a modern but too fragile voltage controller IC. It doesn’t resist the high power consumption of the power amplifier and will die sooner or later if the phone is used for making calls. For not risking one of the few working Hedvigs, they should only be used for test purposes.

Hedvig is probably one of the most famous prototypes though it was never released. The strange design with the flip and keypad above the display makes it an eye-catcher but it was also quite comfortable though it doesn’t look like this.

Insider say that only 110 units have been made in the Carlton factory in UK and that maybe 11 units were fully operational. The majority of all Hedvigs comes in bright silver but a small number of units was painted in a dark anthracite.

Most paints are badly damaged since the front cover was first fully chromed and then painted. But paint doesn’t last long on a chromed surface.

Hedvig’s PCB

Though finding a Hedvig is only a matter of patience, finding a fully working unit is almost impossible. The first reason is that almost 9 out of 10 units only came with a test software. These phones can only be connected to Ericsson digiwin PC software to check the functions of a phone and to calibrate it as long as a spectrum analyzer is present, too.

The second reason is that most units of the last 10 percent are already dead. Hedvig was still an early development phase that most units were just not well calibrated. Another reason maybe that Ericsson used a modern voltage controller with an old fashioned power amplifier. The VC is well known from the T39 or T68 were it did a good job. But in contrast to these modern phones, Hedvig has got a real hungry PA which is almost similar to Connexants RM009 which was used in T28 or R320. Due to this unhappy combination the VC simply gets overpowered as soon as the PA is not properly calibrated.

Typical defective components are the power amplifier and the voltage controller. I have checked 6 Hedvig so far and never found any other defective components except one bad soldered multi mode adapter. Fortunately the majority of the component placing is well-known from other models. Almost any important part can be found on a T39 or a T65. Obviously there was no common Ericsson model with the same PA but I found out that the RM009 from a T28 or R320 works pretty well. Two of them quite warm after a while of usage but I guess this was rather due to a wrong calibration which already lead the old PA to quit its job.