Ericsson Press Releases

Ericsson introduces T65 – new GPRS phone with one-button access to the Mobile Internet

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Today, at the Technology and Strategy Summit in London, Ericsson presented the T65, a new GPRS phone with one-button access to the Mobile Internet.

The Ericsson T65 is a powerful WAP phone with a contemporary design built to offer young people a fast and easy connection with the Mobile Internet. It is also loaded with the latest features for new and powerful ways to socialise and access information. T65 will be available in GSM 900/1800 markets in fourth quarter 2001.

One-button-access means instant and easy connection to online WAP services and content. Favourites, such as a preferred WAP page, can be accessed with effortlessly on the phone’s large 6-row display. What makes T65 really special is that there are so many ways to personalize its use with images, sounds, and ever-changing content from the web.


T65 has a 1.2.1 WAP browser teamed with fully featured GPRS technology to support connection speeds of up to 43.2 kbps. This means data and file transfers can now move faster. GPRS also makes permanent access to the Mobile Internet a reality.

Versatile messaging

  • EMS – T65 has EMS, an enhanced messaging capability for texting in a more expressive, creative way. Through SMS, it lets users send and receive pictures, animations, sound marks, ring signals and formatted text (such as bold type). Add a tune to a birthday greeting, a wink to a text message or exchange the latest in musical ring tones with friends.
  • Mobile chat – T65 has a mobile chat feature that turns text messaging into a real one-to-one experience. It provides point-to-point instant messaging between two mobile phones that support mobile chat. Mobile chat is similar to the intimacy of Internet-based chat, where the users’ old messages stay in the display. A chat-session opens up automatically when a text message is received.
  • Also, with T65 it is easy to receive, write and send e-mail on the move.


Ericsson’s suite of plug-in accessories has been designed to make the mobile experience even better with T65. For example, when a T65 is used with the Ericsson Communicam™, the phone becomes a digital camera allowing users to take and send digital pictures on the move, as an e-mail attachment, or through a picture album on the Web.

New look and lots of extras

T65 is small and light with smooth, irresistible curves. It comes in a choice of 3 colours: Cosmic blue, Polar blue, Stardust yellow. It also has a built-in antenna and battery. The 6-row display is big and ideal for browsing the Mobile Internet or reading messages and e-mail.

T65 is loaded with other great features, too. Personalize it by adding a background picture to the display. Use the phone book to find numbers quickly and easily.

With T65, the Mobile Internet becomes a playground to explore what’s hot in clubs or places to go at home or abroad. Users can play games and compare scores with other users, plan a dream travel experience, or better still, book those tickets.

Favourite ring tones and pictures can be downloaded in a snap, and become a dynamic part of the phone. And with a Communicam™, photos can be instantly sent or posted on the Web for friends to see.

One touch Mobile Internet is finally here. With T65 from Ericsson there’s never been a more powerful way to get to the action.