Ericsson introduced the CF888 in 1998, it was the first fully integrated GSM 1900 (Digital) and AMPS 800 (Analog) in one phone on the market.

It meets all of data needs with the Built-in modem and Built-in infra-red IrDA port which works with popular fax/communications software from Microsoft®, Lotus®, Symantex®, and Trio®. The Ericsson CF888’s wireless infrared data beam let us connect to our PC without cables. With Ericsson Mobile Office Suite, a Windows®-based software, let us send e-mail, fax and surf the Internet – without wires.

The CF888 is an exceptional phone by Ericsson. It has a large range of functions including a multi-language menu, active flip, own melodies, EFR for enhanced sound quality and many more functions.

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