Ericsson AF738 introduced many advanced features that are simple to use. The phone delivers 90 minutes of talk time/24 hours of standby time.

A unique benefit of the AF738 is its patented acoustic-channel flip, which dramatically enhances voice quality.

The Ericsson AF738 has outstanding number and data storage capabilities such as:

  • 99 speed dial memory locations for phone numbers up to 32 digits, convenient for saving lengthy long-distance or international numbers.
  • Two additional speed dial memory locations store calling card numbers – ideal for users with both business and personal calling cards. This feature automates otherwise lengthy calling card dialing.
  • Nine one-touch Super Speed Dial memory locations.
  • Five secure memory locations to store highly confidential numbers like credit card or bank account numbers, which can be password-protected for user access; the AF738 can transmit such numbers to digital-voice response systems instead of the user announcing them over the phone.
  • 10-character alphanumeric name tags can be assigned to phone numbers for easy recall by entering a word or name.
  • A scratchpad feature with five locations allows users to store numbers while on a call.
  • Last 10 number redial.

The print campaign of Ericsson AF738 features either a man or a woman holding the Ericsson AF738 in the palm of his or her hand. The copy highlights many of the phone’s benefits, including the incredibly small size (“It hides in your hand”), light weight (“It weighs less than this newspaper”) and superior talk time (“It lets you talk longer than the lunch hour you never get to take”).

According to the headline, “Hold It and You’re Hooked”, consumers will especially be drawn to the light weight (4.8 ounces/137 grams) and ergonomically contoured design of the Ericsson AF738.

“This lightweight Ericsson phone puts advanced calling capability in a user’s hand in a compact package that slips easily into a purse or pocket,” said Karen Morris, manager of marketing communications for Ericsson Inc. Cellular Phones.
“Our exciting new advertising, featuring the AF738’s breakthrough combination of size, weight and performance, reinforces Ericsson’s continuing commitment to the consumer.”