The Ericsson GF198 and its sister model GH198 are mobile phones for the GSM 900 network, with fully flexible antenna as long as the phone itself.

The main difference between the two models was that the GF had a flip-up cover over the dial pad, leaving the connect and hang up buttons uncovered, enabling you to answer incoming calls without opening the cover (which had a small hole for the microphone), while the GH198 came without this gimmick and a slightly different keypad layout.

First released in 1993, being the third family of Ericsson’s mobile phone for the digital GSM standard and the first portable “fits in your pocket” mobile phone. Then replaced by the GH337 in 1994.

Although unable to send SMS, the phone was a highly reliable phone with great capabilities to get connected to the network under difficult circumstances (in the 2nd cellar of a parking garage, for example) due to the fact that the number of base station was less than today when the phone was released.