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Ericsson launches new water, dust and shock resistant mobile phone

Monday, February 22, 1999

Today Ericsson displayed the R250 PRO, the first water, dust and shock resistant mobile phone developed for use on the GSM 900 and GSM 1800 networks.

The R250 PRO dual band phone is also the first mobile phone to support both GSM phase 2+ technology and the GSM Pro system, which will give the users a unique opportunity to combine the advantages of GSM phones with Private Mobile Radio (PMR) functionality.

Finished in a bright, eye-catching orange or a sober, dark green, R250 PRO is the perfect working tool for outdoor communications in tough environments. Craftsmen, tradesmen, forestry workers, transport personnel, construction workers, as well as people who live for adventure can benefit from this multipurpose phone.

Equipped with GORE TEX  membranes and rubber gaskets, which protect against water and dust, R250 PRO has a sturdy magnesium frame and rubber moulding which can withstand harsh treatment. The battery contains a unique locking mechanism to ensure it will not separate if the phone should be dropped, and a special sealing agent has been used to stop any moisture entering the phone.

With special features like the built-in speakerphone, alert button, built-in vibrating alert and a unique button on the side for quick access to the phone book,  this  mobile  phone  is  specially  designed  for  the  target  group’s requirements.

Measuring 145x55x32mm and weighing just 270g the phone is pocket sized, but not too small for the work place.

Its talk and standby times are extensive and guarantee that the user will not have to recharge the battery during a normal working day. R250 PRO provides 4.5 hours talk time and approximately 135 hours of standby time, or eleven working days (twelve hours/day).center

The support of GSM Pro will give the user a unique opportunity to subscribe to features that, so far, have been the privilege of Private Mobile Radio (PMR) users. With the special GSM Pro SIM card, it is possible to use just one number to initiate group calls with up to 16 members.

The Push-To-Talk button on the side activates the microphone ensuring clear communications. The automatic answer function on incoming group calls let you continue working while you listen to the conversation.

With the GSM Pro subscription, organizations that today both use mobile phones and Private Mobile Radio (PMR) terminals have the opportunity to combine the functionality in R250 PRO.

The PMR market is estimated at forty million users world-wide and is therefore a perfect counterpart for GSM services. It is expected that this demand will occasion an ever-increasing introduction of GSM PRO systems in countries where GSM services are available.

R250 PRO features:
• Alert button
• Push-to-talk button /quick access to, and scroll through, phone book
• Phone Book with space for 99 names + up to 250 names on SIM card
• Built-in vibrating alert
• Conference calls
• Call Hold/Call wait
• Alternate Line Service
• Calling Line Identification
• Easy access to 15 last called numbers
• Received and Missed Calls list
• Fixed dialling numbers
• Advice of charging
• Enhanced Full Rate speech coding (EFR)
• Data/Fax capabilities

With standard GSM SIM card:
• Built-in speaker phone

With GSM Pro SIM card:
• Automatic answer on group calls
• Push-To-Talk functionality with loud speaker
• Push-To-Talk mode and Phone mode

R250 PRO comes with a wide range of accessories in the box, including a charger, desk/wall stand, a belt clip, a swivel clip, a high-gain antenna and a system connector boot. R250 PRO will be available in GSM 900 and GSM 1800 markets during the third quarter 1999.


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