Ericsson Press Releases

Ericsson presents T20e – an enhanced version of the T20 mobile phone

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Today, Ericsson presented the T20e – an enhanced version of the fully featured T20. The T20, its predecessor, has been well received by trendsetters and young consumers, and the T20e is set to keep the same track. By adding Enhanced Messaging services (EMS), Mobile Chat, WAP with added security and a new game, the T20e becomes the ultimate communication tool. The T20e will be available during the second quarter 2001.

The bold design is identical to the T20s – the broad and curvy shape, as well as the flamboyant color combinations, with one new color added: Purple Wild – a shell with two nuances of purple and a glossy front with a reptile pattern.

Your text messages become more personal and innovative by using EMS allowing you to enclose pictures and sounds. In the T20e there are at least 30 permanently stored pictures, plus another 30 empty slots where pictures, which either have been sent as messages to the phone or have been edited by the user, can be saved. By using EMS it is also possible to exchange and save ring signal melodies.

With the Mobile Chat you can chat wherever you are. The messages from both users will be shown in the display, and the chat conversations can be saved, enabling you to resume them later. The Mobile Chat and the Swatch Internet Time is a perfect combination, allowing global participants to decide an exact time to join a chat conversation, without having to think about the time differences.

Trading, banking and shopping on the mobile Internet becomes safer with added WAP security, WTLS class 2, supported in the T20e. WTLS class 2 provides encryption and server authentication, meaning that the message is encrypted and the users can verify that they are communicating with the correct WAP gateway.

Among others there are these added features, compared to the T20s: 200 phonebook entries (99 in T20), one game added – Catcher, a screensaver and a progress animation shown in the display while certain operations in the phone take place.


“Advance to the next level”
with Lara Croft & Ericsson

Before the joint venture of Sony and Ericsson, Ericsson had already partnered with various studios on certain movie sponsorship packages that created full through the line opportunities – starting with product integration – NOT just product placement.

On of the last under the Ericsson brand was with the first of the Tomb Raider series. A platform was built to integrate multiple products in various usage situations.

The partnership was activated as Tomb Raider gave Ericsson the opportunity to build fully integrated marketing campaigns driven by sales opportunities and brand awareness.

The partnership was created from the onset of production that allowed Ericsson a starring role in the movie. Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) relied specifically on Ericsson in numerous action sequences.

The multi-media campaign featured across Asia pacific, Europe and the America’s with TVC in selected markets, Press, Outdoor, Radio, Web, Promotions and extensive PR.

Print Campaign Ericsson T20e Tomb Raider Edition


Ericsson Press Releases

Ericsson set to star in the action adventure film Tomb Raider

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Today, Ericsson announced that a range of its cutting-edge mobile communication technologies will be featured as Lara Croft’s survival tools in the hotly anticipated film ‘Tomb Raider’, set for release in summer Paramount Pictures brings award winning Angelina Jolie (Girl Interrupted, Gone in Sixty Seconds) to the big screen as the stunning cyber heroine.

Tomb Raider fans around the world will see a new vision of Lara equipped with the Ericsson Bluetooth Headset which helps her stay in contact with her tech wizard ‘Bryce’ – played by Australian actor Noah Taylor (Shine and Almost Famous).

Ericsson – one of the world’s leading mobile technology innovators – and Paramount Pictures partnered to bring the Ericsson technology into Lara’s world. Ericsson’s Cordless Web Screen and the shockproof mobile phone R310 are also used throughout the film’s action. Lara uses the durable R310 phone in her outdoor adventures. Off camera, the R310 proved to be a valuable companion for the movie crew too. The tough phone was used throughout filming to take the hard knocks of action and exotic locations.

In the film, the revolutionary wireless technology of the Ericsson Bluetooth Headset allows Lara wirefree and handsfree connection to her mobile phone. This freedom of mobility is understandably essential when taking on foes and raiding tombs. The pioneering Bluetooth Headset was launched to consumers earlier this year and is commercially available in many markets.

The Ericsson Web Screen H610 – expected to be available later this year – is a home device that merges voice communication, Internet access, e-mail, voicemail and address book facilities into one device. In the movie it provides Lara with access to the latest information from the comfort of Croft Manor.

Tomb Raider, a live action feature, is inspired by the most successful interactive video game character in history – Lara Croft. Beautiful and brainy, Lara (Angelina Jolie) is the heroine of Eidos Interactive’s highly successful Tomb Raider game series. It is one woman’s fearless quest crisscrossing the globe, in an amazing attempt to save the world in this summer’s action adventure.

Ericsson is leading the way for product placement in films, with its phones and accessories forming an intrinsic part of plot lines. The sponsorship of Tomb Raider is an extension of Ericsson’s commitment to the film industry, first highlighted with their placement in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997. Throughout the film, Bond used an Ericsson ‘concept’ smartphone to remotely maneuver his car and to help him escape a spectrum of classic Bond perils. “The synergy between Tomb Raider and Ericsson is very strong and showcases the advanced nature of Ericsson’s products,” says Bo Albertson, Marketing Director Communications, Ericsson Consumer Segment. “It also demonstrates our commitment to be the best developer, designer and marketer of mobile technology.”

Ericsson’s involvement in the film is also a demonstration of the company’s commitment to the mobile gaming sector, along with other information and entertainment in mobile environments. “This will be a powerful and rewarding partnership for the Ericsson brand and for our retail partners who will have the opportunity to be positioned alongside a film with truly international appeal,” continues Albertson.