The Ericsson T18z is the North American version of Ericsson’s T18s, for GSM 1900 networks. A phone designed with the latest features in mobile communication technology, the phone’s small size makes it much easier to pocket. It also comes with a belt clip, fits on the back of the phone using the recessed screw hole at the top.

The T18z includes built-in vibrator alert, which can be used in conjunction with the standard ringer. It allows you to program up to 4 personal ring tones, by entering the tones from the keyboard, which means no need special hardware or software. The phone also includes a range of preprogrammed melodies and a number of different ring tones.

Perhaps one of the phones truly interesting features is voice dialing. Although this feature is becoming standard on many high-end phones, you won’t find it on very many phones in the price range of the T18z. You can record up to 10 voice labels, which may apply to any of the phone book entries. It also includes labels for answering or rejecting an incoming phone call.

The display is small, which is typical for most Ericsson phones. However, unlike previous Ericsson phones, the T18z employs a pixel matrix display, with three lines of text using the standard font. This allows them to use a variety of font sizes, as well as proportional characters. The fonts on the T18z are generally very handsome, with only a few idiosyncrasies. The display fairly easy to read under most lighting conditions.

The T18z allows you to permanently turn off the backlight, or permanently turn it on. The default mode is to turn on the backlight when keys are pressed, and then to turn it off after 10 seconds. The phone also provides storage for up to 10 pre-composed messages that you may quickly send at any time.

The phone does include number features that make it a little more useful from day-to-day. Such as voice activated answering and dialing, full graphics display, an active flip, SilentVibe™, SMS messaging, and alternate line service make T18z an indispensable part of your life from the first time you use it.


105mm x 49mm x 24mm / 4.1″ x 1.9″ x 0.9″


  • Full Graphic Display
  • Active Flip
  • Retractable antenna
  • Fast access buttons for Phone Book, SMS, E-mail and attachment
  • Speed dial