Announced in 1999, with the advent of the T18, Ericsson has finally entrenched itself as an important player in the market for experienced users, the Ericsson T18 designed to be compact and slender, easy to use and practically weightless.

Ericsson Press Releases

Ericsson launches new T-class phone

Thursday, March 18, 1999

Today Ericsson displayed the T18 mobile phone. This dual band phone retains the classic Ericsson look and is packed full of new and interesting features, among them voice dialling, voice answering, active flip and vibrating alert.

The phone is available in three colours: Granite Grey, Juniper Blue and Maple Red.

The Ericsson T18 will be available in volume in Q2 1999, making it the first in a coming series of T-class phones from Ericsson.

T-class consists of small and smart products with beautiful design. The other T-class phone, announced up until now, is the T28, which will be available mid-1999.

The Ericsson T18 has been designed to satisfy the needs of an increasingly sophisticated market. The target group for this phone enjoy social and cultural activities and want a phone that makes life easier. They take quality for granted and look for technical devices that have advanced technological capabilities as well as streamlined, state-of-the-art design.

The T18 offers voice dialling and answering. You simply press one key, say the name of the person you wish to call and your T18 will automatically connect you. You can also accept or reject incoming calls just by using your voice. Up to ten different names can be stored in your phone’s voice dialling memory.

T18 also features a vibrating call alert. This function replaces the ring signal with gentle vibrations that discreetly inform you of incoming calls. Whether you are in a business meeting, out socialising, or in a noisy environment, your T18 will always alert you when you are being called.

Ericsson T18 features an active flip, which when opened connects the call and when closed ends the call. The phone boasts a full graphic display that can show up to three lines of text, depending on the language selected. Also included is Enhanced Full Rate Speech Coding that makes sure your voice is transmitted in clear, crisp tones.

The T18sc developed for the Asian market, supports Chinese Input technology. By using the keypad, you can easily send and receive messages with Chinese SMS, as well as store Chinese names into your phonebook – all in Chinese characters. This unique feature contains more than 10,000 characters – the most available in a mobile phone.

Designed to operate on both GSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequencies the T18 offers intelligent network selection between the bands. This increases access in densely populated urban areas, and consequently improves the coverage offered by your network operator. Dual band also offers enhanced international roaming when you are travelling abroad. T18 supports GSM phase 2 technology.

T18 measures a mere 105x49x24mm and weighs just 146 grams. It has a talk time of up to 4 hours and remains charged in standby mode for up to 100 hours.

Other functions include:
• Advice of Charge Charging
• Advice of Charge Information
• Alternate Line Service
• Call Barring
• Call Forwarding
• Call Transfer
• Call Hold and Call Wait
• Multiparty
• Calling Line Identification/Presentation
• Calling Line Identification/Restriction
• Connected Line Presentation/Restriction
• Closed User Group
• National Roaming
• Short Message Service (SMS)
• Cell Broadcast

Other Ericsson’s T18 line are two models of tri-mode technology handsets: the T18d, which supports TDMA, and the T18z, which supports Global System for Mobile communications (GSM 1900).

Both the T18d and the T18z include “POWER-Profiles,” which allow users to customize more than 20 features to different environments, like work, home, travel and drive time.

Phone Book Groups give different rings for different categories of callers so the recipient easily can identify the originators. The handsets also provide digital data and fax capabilities.

The T18z GSM tri-mode phone offers three additional features not available in the T18d TDMA model: voice-activated dialing, two-way short messaging service and a built-in alarm clock and calculator.