Ericsson Press Releases

Ericsson announces the WAP-enabled T60d phone for TDMA networks and T60c for CDMA networks

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

At the Ericsson Strategy and Technology Summit today, Ericsson announced the T60 WAP-enabled handset. The T60d for TDMA networks, and T60c for CDMA networks are expected to be available in the Americas in Q4, 2001. Voice controls and joystick navigation make the T60 a user-friendly phone.

The T60d is Ericsson’s latest addition to its portfolio of dual-band, tri-mode phones for extended reach.
It is the first TDMA handset to support SmartBack™ accessories, which fully integrate into the back of the phone and house accessories such as a retractable portable handsfree.

The T60c also supports SmartBack™ accessories and is Ericsson’s first tri-mode CDMA phone. In addition, the T60c supports high-speed data (up to 153kbps) via 1xRTT and 2-way Enhanced Messaging Services.

The T60 is designed for people with active lifestyles looking for a full-featured phone that is easy to operate. With the new five-way joystick button, the T60 continues a strong tradition of making the user navigation easy, quick and intuitive.

The advanced 500-name hierarchical phonebook and calendar organizes and stores detailed information about contacts, appointments and tasks.

These can be synchronized with popular PIM (personal information management) applications on your computer using the XTNDConnect PC™ synchronization software from Extended Systems,  Inc.

Weighing only 125 grams (4.4 oz.), the T60 features a unique curved and ergonomic design, snap-on front and back cover accessories in five colours, and a large 7-line screen for better readability.

The T60d has a built-in antenna, and the T60c has a retractable antenna. The T60 includes a WAP web-browser and POP3 mobile e-mail, which lets you send and receive the same e-mail that is on your computer. You can download ringtones, set up different profiles for quiet or noisy environments or play one of four games. It has one-button voice-mail, caller ID and vibrates with incoming calls when a ringtone would be distracting.

The T60 offers a variety of handsfree and cable-free communication options, including the Ericsson Bluetooth™ headset and adapter, voice dialing and answering, and voice memo. An auxiliary 2.5-mm audio jack accepts a wide array of universal handsfree attachments.

The phone is also compatible with Ericsson’s Portable Handsfree with FM radio and MP3 player. An integrated Lithium battery yields up to 2.5 hours of talk time and up to 230 hours of standby time. A built-in power saver ensures efficient battery performance.

Facts at a Glance:
• 5-way navigation “joystick” button
• Large, 7 line full-graphics display with EZ-Read Menus™
• Voice activated dialing
• Voice memo
• Calendar, tasks and reminders with PC Synchronization
• Clock, stopwatch, timer, alarm, calculator
• SilentVibe™ vibrating call alert
• WAP 1.2.1 browser (T60d), WAP 1.1 (T60c)
• Bluetooth™ compatibility
• Downloadable ringtones
• SmartBack™ accessories
• User changeable snap-on covers
• Internal high performance antenna (T60d)
• High performance retractable antenna (T60c)
• 2-way SMS text messaging
• 2-way Enhanced Messaging (EMS) (T60c)
• 4 games