The Ericsson I888 World is a dual band mobile phone that lets you avail of the complete range of GSM services in Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa and the Americas.

It affords intelligent network search between the bands and incorporates state-of-the-art technology with a cutting-edge design. Its built-in infrared modem will let you wirelessly connect to online services.

Finished in an elegant blue color, it comes with a global travel charger that powers your phone anywhere in the world.

Ericsson Press Releases

Ericsson launches the I888 World
– One phone, two networks, five continents

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Ericsson today unveiled a mobile phone, which offers international travelers to communicate with one phone in more than 120 countries, in Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific and the Americas. The I 888 World dual band mobile phone for GSM 900/1900 frequencies is a global phone in the real sense of the word and lends new meaning to the term “global village”.

In the past, people would sometimes have to buy, borrow or lease another mobile phone because of incompatible network technologies when traveling. International travel also meant carrying numerous phone jack adapters for data communications such as e-mail and Internet access.

With a built-in infrared modem, Ericsson’s I888 World solves that problem by giving travelers trouble free communication with their PC, laptop, or hand held communicator. This makes it simple to check e-mail, browse the Internet or log on to a corporate network without carrying cables and searching for a compatible phone jack.

In addition, travelers would carry several electrical outlet adapters to recharge batteries. The I888 World’s travel charger has five different plugs that are compatible with the different voltage requirements and socket styles around the world.

“In offering intelligent network search between GSM 900 and 1900 networks we want to eliminate the wireless communications barriers that exist between many countries at present,” said Jan Edhäll, vice president Business Group GSM and other European Standards. “Ericsson’s response to these limitations is to introduce  a  phone  which  uses  two  networks  and  therefore  can  function effectively in five continents.”

The I888 World features an active flip, which is both stylish and functional. You simply open it to begin a call and close it to end one. Its Enhanced dot matrix display affords superb readability while the Enhanced Full Rate Speech Coding improves the sound quality to a level that it can easily be compared to fixed wired calls.

Additionally, I888 World supports GSM phase 2 services including Conference Call, so you can set up a conference call with up to 5 people, no matter where you are. Alternate Line Service lets you have two subscriptions on one SIM-card if you want to have separate phone numbers and bills for business and private calls. A full range of matching accessories with a 1-year worldwide warranty is also available.

The Ericsson I888 dual band phone will be available across all GSM 900 and 1900 markets worldwide, starting at the end of the year 1998.

Other features of the Ericsson I888 World:
• Last Dialed Number to reach the last 15 dialed numbers
• Received Calls to show the last 10 received calls
• Missed Calls to show the last 10 missed calls
• Weighs 201g with kit battery
• Phone Book to store 99 numbers with accompanying names in addition to those on the SIM card
• 15 ring signals, including melodies and Own Melody
• Compatible with Ericsson Mobile Data products like MC 16