Ericsson T10s is a remake and relaunch of the Legends – Ericsson GF768. This cellphone at the first sight reminiscent Ericsson GF768 and a “lightweight” version of the Ericsson T18.

Its design similarities with the type of Ericsson GF768 has more to inform about its focus on the mobile phone market mid price category, unlike the Ericsson T18, which is again a class above.

Designed to be sharp, dressy and distinctive, it is ideal for young, energetic, individuals who are attracted to the idea of colourful communications. The target user group campaign for Ericsson T10s is from the perspective Ericsson among young people enjoying the freedom of mobile communication, using modern technology, but when it is for them, this cost-effective device.

Against expectations, the tiny letters, writing is fairly readable. It would probably ranked somewhere between Ericsson GF768 and Ericsson T18. A combination of these two pieces gave Ericsson T10s rise, will compete for our interest in lower priced phones for a long time.


Ericsson Press Releases

Ericsson unveils the T10 mobile phone for colourful communications

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

Today at CommunicAsia in Singapore, Ericsson displayed the new T10, a dual band mobile phone for GSM 900 and 1800 networks. It has a full graphic display, vibrating call alert and will be available in five sharp colours.

Designed as a fun, easy to use, phone offering value for money the T10 is sharp and distinctive. It comes in a range of joyful colours, which have been chosen to reflect both vitality and youth. These fashion-forward, eye-catching, phones are available in Juicy blue, Mustang yellow, Shocking pink, Funky purple and Crispy turquoise. The T10 is for consumers who know that everything they wear says something about them, including their mobile phone. They want quality, design and attention and are not afraid to show it.

The T10 has a three line full graphic display which features bright, backlite illumination and it supports Enhanced Full Rate Speech Coding for crisp natural sound quality. There are seven different ring signals; two own-melody possibilities and an in-built vibrating alert that lets you take calls discreetly. The latest in the Ericsson’s T-class portfolio, the T10 supports the complete range of features associated with GSM phase 2 including SMS (Short Message Services) and SIM Application Toolkit.

An identical mobile phone, the T10sc, has been developed for the Asian market. The Ericsson T10sc features a complete Chinese interface which is easy to learn and easy to use. This unique feature allows you to send and receive Chinese SMS messages. It also lets you store Chinese names in the Phone Book.

Both phones measure a mere 105x49x24mm,weigh just 146 grams and have extensive talk and standby times. They are also compatible with all the accessories designed for the Ericsson 700 series mobile phones.

T10’s functions include:
• Advice of Charge Charging
• Advice of Charge Information
• Alternate Line Service
• Call Barring
• Call Forwarding
• Call Transfer
• Call Hold and Call Wait
• Multiparty
• Calling Line Identification/Presentation
• Calling Line Identification/Restriction
• Connected Line Presentation/Restriction
• Closed User Group
• National Roaming
• Short Message Service (SMS)

The Ericsson T10s and T10sc will be available in volume in Q3 1999.