Ericsson SH888, the most reliable phone Ericsson had ever built. Unlike other phones, SH888 and I888 WORLD was equipped with a REAL IrDA port and built in modem.

A truly professional tool built around a sturdy magnesium frame. A high-quality phone that very unlikely breaks, due to its metal chassis and simple design, yet a very powerful phone, with 900/1800 frequency bands, IR port, built in modem, etc.

It was the best they could do at Ericsson when it was first released. The Ericsson S868 is the downgrade of SH888, both phones have identical boards and firmware, but S868 does not have built-in modem interface.

Ericsson Press Releases

Ericsson makes Dual Band Mobile Phone a Reality

Monday, September 15, 1997

In a move which marks a transition from technological talking point to reality, Ericsson today introduced two new advanced mobile phones – the SH888 and SF888. Both phones facilitate handover between GSM 900 and DCS 1800 frequency bands which is done automatically, without users having to select network themselves. Where appropriate roaming agreements exist, customers enjoy the benefits of enhanced international roaming.

The SH888 and SF888 are fully featured phones incorporating a host of intrinsic features enabling easy and efficient communications. Infra-red connection to an entire hardware ensemble is afforded which means that customers don’t need to carry cables and connectors when travelling. A built-in modem obviates the need for an external PC card.

The SH888 and SF888 are expected to be commercially available in the first quarter of 1998 and can be purchased at any Ericsson retailer.

The SH888 phone is the first new product from Ericsson since its 20m global “Make yourself heard” brand campaign broke in February 1998 and will link product and brand advertising. National press ads, through Young & Rubicam, will run in broadsheet newspapers from July, featuring the “Make yourself heard” slogan as a secondary message.

Peter Sandin, Ericsson global product manager SH888, says: “This is the first step to making the Internet mobile, simply and without cables. All you need is the phone and a good, small PC.”

The correct phone when you travel a lot and abroad want to be reachable. With its dual-band function, the infrared interface and the built-in modem can be used anywhere without additional PC card the benefits of data and fax services on your notebook. Of course, the SH888 can using the supplied RS 232 cable also quite “normal” chat with your notebook or PC.


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