Ericsson Press Releases

Ericsson unveils new WAP-phone

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Today at a spectacular event in Hong Kong, Ericsson globally unveiled the R320, a high-performance dual band mobile phone. With its sleek and elegant design, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-functionality, calendar and big display, it is a phone for the customer who appreciates functionality and efficiency. The R320 is Ericsson’s third WAP-product.

During 1999, Ericsson has launched a completely new product portfolio, where the R320 is an important new addition, which gives powerful connectivity decisively designed. The R320 is only 15 mm thin and weighs less than 100 grams. It is Ericsson’s third WAP-product, after the mobile companion MC218, available on selected markets, and the smartphone R380, available in volumes during Q1 2000.

The R320 has a WAP-browser to access Internet content. WAP is a microbrowser especially developed for mobile use and the main world-wide industry standard for providing Internet communications and advanced services on digital mobile phones and other wireless terminals.

“We have now unveiled our third WAP-product,” says Jan Ahrenbring, Vice President Marketing and Communications at Ericsson Mobile Communications. “As the first WAP-products come out on the market, WAP-services will emerge as well. The market will grow as devices leverage from content and the other way around. What we will then see is both local content, services such as ordering movie tickets or take away food, and global content, such as news and entertainment,” says Jan Ahrenbring.

In-built  modem  and  infrared  communication  capability  make  the  R320 an efficient communication tool. The infrared functionality not only ensures easy and effective connection, it also allows to send and receive electronic business cards, ring melodies and phone book entries from one phone to another. Its voice memo function allows you to record up to twenty voice memos. The R320 has a calendar for keeping track of meetings, events and anniversaries. Synchronisation of the calendar in the R320 and a PC will be supported with the IrMC 1.1 open synchronisation standard, as a world first for GSM phones.

To promote Internet access using a mobile phone, Ericsson was a leading part in founding the WAP Forum. WAP Forum’s primary goal is to bring together companies from all segments of the wireless industry value chain to ensure product interoperability and growth. As the market develops, a wide variety of interactive WAP-services will be available, such as banking, ticket booking, information and shopping.

The Ericsson R320 will be available in commercial volumes during Q1 2000. Two versions of the R320 will be produced. The R320s, and the R320sc which features a complete Chinese interface that is easy to learn and easy to use. This feature allows you to send and receive Chinese SMS messages and also lets you store Chinese names in the Phone Book.

Based on a new 3-volt platform, the phone’s components draw less current and thereby ensure powerful work times, which will fulfil requirements from the most active users. Batteries use the latest lithium polymer technology, introduced in the T28 platform. High-performance lithium ion batteries are available  as  accessories.  Ericsson  has  developed  an  all-new  series  of accessories, which can best be described as “intelligent accessories” in that they provide more than the usual functions.

R320 features include:
• GSM 900/1800 dual band
• In-built infra-red modem and RS232 cable modem
• WAP browser
• Full graphic display, featuring 5 rows of Latin text or 3 rows of Chinese text
• Voice memo
• Voice dialling/answering
• Games
• Vibrating call alert
• Calculator
• Alarm clock

On October 5, a web site dedicated to explaining WAP technology and benefits will launch, on  The site will also include the Developer’s Zone for companies and people interested in developing and maintaining WAP sites.

Ericsson Press Releases

Ericsson’s R320 is the first mobile phone to win WAP forum certification

Friday, July 14, 2000

Ericsson today announced that its R320 WAP mobile phone is the first of its kind to be officially certified by the WAP Forum, the international organization overseeing the development and interoperability of the WAP specification suite.

Although not a product endorsement, WAP Forum certification means that a WAP product meets or exceeds the rigid requirements governing the WAP specification suite. It also means that the certified product may use the soon to be released WAP Certified logo, assuring consumers of the integrity and inter operability of the mobile device.

“The WAP Forum certification program assures consumers top quality WAP devices,” says Thomas Carnehult, Strategic Product Manager at Ericsson.

Certification means that the R320 is the first WAP phone that is recognized as fully compatible with the WAP 1.1 protocol, providing maximum inter operability with existing WAP proxies and gateways.

The high performance dual band R320 mobile phone was unveiled by Ericsson in September 1999. It features a WAP micro browser, enabling access to information and services on the Mobile Internet, including weather, traffic and financial market updates, banking, ticketing, positioning and shopping. It also features a calendar, which can be synchronized with a PC owing to the R320’s unprecedented support of the open global standard of infrared synchronization, IrMC 1.1.

The sleek design, enlarged display, synchronization capabilities and superb WAP functionality have made the R320 one of the most successful WAP phones on the market to date.