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Bond and Ericsson on a mission

December 22, 1997

The premiere of a new James Bond film has created 007 fever in all parts of the world. In the new film, Tomorrow Never Dies, Ericsson’s mobile phones save our hero in several precarious situations. In the same way our own Ericsson mobile phones often save the day for mere mortals like us, albeit under less dramatic conditions. The connection between Ericsson and James Bond will be clarified during the new few weeks in virtually all Ericsson markets.

Ericsson’s association with James Bond has been used in cooperation with retailers in Hungary and several other markets in Central Europe. Retailers have been supplied with various shop display materials, and Ericsson has organized a variety of functions to attract customers.

Central European markets offer strong growth potential for Ericsson. Illdiko Karacsony of Budapest is marketing manager for Ericsson Mobile Communications products in Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, four neighboring countries characterized by distinct differences.

Enormous growth potential

Ericsson has a strong market position in Hungary, a nation as economically well-developed as any country in Western Europe. Poland, with 40 million inhabitants and an economy in steady recovery, is a market with enormous growth potential. The Czech Republic, a nation characterized today by greater economic stability, is becoming a strong market for Ericsson, while Slovenia has emerged as a relatively new market with expansion potential.

“We are using the Bond Campaign in all four countries, primarily to strengthen and intensify our relations with retailers. James Bond 007 fever is just as strong in Central Europe as anywhere else, and the campaign had generated strong interest in the retail sector,” says Illdiko Karacsony.

All retail store employees are entered in a lottery in which the first prize is a trip to one of the exotic locations seen in Tomorrow Never Dies.

“The lottery concept is a completely new method for us, and we have high expectations it will create greater awareness of Ericsson products after completion of the campaign,” concludes Illdiko Karacsony.

Ericsson is waging a tough competition battle with Siemens and Nokia in Germany, and James Bond is expected to engange in close combat on Ericsson’s behalf in the German market.

“We have established two main goals for the James Bond campaign,” saiys Ashim Pape, marketing manager for Ericsson products in Düsseldorf and the man responsible for practical campaign work in Germany. “We want to sell more Ericsson phones, particularly GA628 models, and increase German market awareness for Ericsson products.

Full-force campaign

About a week before the German premiere, Ericsson launches a full-force sales campaign, highlighted by TV and cinema advertising focused on the “Bond-telephone” — a GA628 model replete with James Bond packaging and two special front panels.

Special showing of the film are planned by Ericsson in fifteen of Germany’s largest movie theaters. Lottery contests for customers and retailers as well as sales support and campaign materials for retail sales store are included in the campaign. “We hope the lottery contest will help bring moviegoers into retail sales outlets,” explains Ashim Pape.

Question and answer forms

Movie theaters will distribute simple question and answer forms to customers. First prize will be an all-expenses-paid trip to one of the exotic locations seen in Tomorrow Never Dies. Runner-up prizes are also attractive to James Bond fans, including a Bond telephone, a book containing posters from all James Bond movies and a smart memorandum pen designed in the true spirit of James Bond, enabling owners to record short messages.

“The campaign has also generated excellent cooperation with retailers. They are enthusiastic and prepared to work hard with the campaign,” Ashim Pape concludes.

About Snap on Colour Fascias

The mobile industry was remarkably slow to exploit colour in their mobile designs. Black was the norm and set future customer expectations. Going for a very striking color might attract some consumers but put off many more. Black was the safe choice.

Ericsson was the first to discover a way to meet every taste in color with the same mobile and also allow a user to change their minds half-way through the day – the snap on color fascias. The mobile itself was the very neat design that was the hallmark of Ericsson mobiles and introduced in 1997 on the GSM 900 networks.