Ericsson Press Releases

Ericsson unveils the phone for every occasion

Thursday, March 18, 1999

Today Ericsson displayed the all-new A1018, a mobile phone developed for people who require affordable communications for every occasion. It comes in five different colours and with numerous coloured front panels, which makes it possible to create an unmatched amount of personal colour combinations.

The Ericsson A1018 reflects Ericsson’s determination to produce outstanding technology encased in a sturdy, long lasting frame. The A-class Ericsson phones are fun, easy to use, value for money products. The A1018 is the first phone of the A-class to be launched. It features a sleek, attractive body designed to fit perfectly into the hand and comes in five different colours that will appeal to people from all walks of life.

There is a sober Granite Grey and a rich Plum Wine that will appeal to the business minded and a Desert Khaki, which is supplied with Midnight Blue and Firebrick Red, exchangeable front panels for the more vivacious. Olive Green, with Lime Green and Mandarin Orange exchangeable front panels exists for those who like warm natural colours and a Light Steel Blue with Chocolate Brown and Cream White panels for those who prefer something a little more luscious.

There are also some fashion panels with special designs, while normal panels don’t have a window to protect the LCD, this panels does come with window.

A1018 has a clear, simple and easily navigated menu system and the phone is full of basic, intelligent and useful features. It features a full graphic display for easy readability and its impeccable sound quality is afforded by Enhanced Full Rate Speech Coding. Although easy to use, the A1018 is an advanced communication tool and is perfectly suited to the world of business.

It handles data, fax, SMS and is completely compatible with Ericsson Mobile Office equipment such as the Ericsson Mobile Companion MC 218. The A1018 will enhance every environment, be it business or pleasure.

The A1018sc, developed for the Asian market, supports Chinese Input technology. By using the keypad, you can easily send and receive messages with Chinese SMS, as well as store Chinese names into your phone book – all in Chinese characters. This unique feature contains more than 10,000 characters – the most available in a mobile phone.

The Ericsson A1018s dual band mobile phone has been designed to work on GSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequencies. It lets you enjoy the pleasure of unrestricted movement with the security of unlimited communications. Its practical size ensures that it can be comfortably carried inside a jacket pocket, a small purse, or on a clip, attached to a person.

The A1018 measures 130x49x23mm, weighs 163 grams and has extensive talk and standby time. It is also compatible with all the accessories designed for the Ericsson 600, 700 and 800 series mobile phones.

Other functions include:
• Advice of Charge Charging
• Advice of Charge Information
• Alternate Line Service
• Call Barring
• Call Forwarding
• Call Transfer
• Call Hold and Call Wait
• Multiparty
• Calling Line Identification/Presentation
• Calling Line Identification/Restriction
• Connected Line Presentation/Restriction
• Clock/Alarm function
• NITZ, Network Identity Time Zone
• SIM Application Toolkit
• 12 different ring signals including own melody
• Enhanced Full rate/Full rate and Half rate voice codecs
• National Roaming
• Short Message Service (SMS)

The Ericsson A1018s and A1018sc will be available in volume during mid 1999.